7th February 2023

Vegetable Fried Rice

30th April 2020 HomeCook 0

The Vegetable Fried Rice is easy to make with a few basic vegetables and rice. It is a filling dish which can be served at either lunch or dinner. You […]

Chicken Sausage Fried Rice

20th April 2020 HomeCook 0

The Chicken Sausage Fried Rice is a recipe consequent to the Corona Lockdown in India (Covid-9 Pandemic). Of the times we went out shopping for essentials during this lockdown, we […]

Prawn Egg Fried Rice

15th September 2017 HomeCook 0

The Prawn Egg Fried Rice is an Indian adaptation of Chinese Fried Rice. Everyone in my household loves this version of the fried rice as the egg and the prawns […]

Chicken Fried Rice

30th September 2016 HomeCook 0

Chicken Fried Rice needs no introduction. Try this recipe, it’s different! Serves: A Family of Four Prep. Time: 20 Mins. + 20 Mins. (marination) Cooking Time:  10 to 12 Mins. […]

Rice for Fried Rice

10th September 2016 HomeCook 0

Serves – A Family of Four Prep. Time : 10 Mins.. Cooking Time : 15 Min. (active) Ingredients: [ Stand Measure: 1 cup = 250 ml ] Basmati Rice – 1 ½ […]

Mushroom Fried Rice

10th September 2016 HomeCook 2

Chinese cuisine has gained popularity in India like no other foreign cuisine. From street vendors to the luxury hotels, all have Chinese dishes on their menu. This is a Indianized […]

Prawns Masala Fried

30th March 2020 HomeCook 0

Prawns Masala Fried is a dish served at most Goan restaurants. It uses the Goan Recheado Masala which is a spicy and tangy masala. Owing to this, one can even […]

Beef Masala Fried

7th July 2019 HomeCook 0

The Beef Masala Fried needs a good amount of marination time. Once marinated in the refrigerator, all you need to do is seer and cook. Then you can leave them […]

Crumb Fried Chicken Steaks

27th May 2019 HomeCook 2

Crumb Fried Chicken Steaks are great for an evening meal. The breast portion of boneless chicken is used for this preparation and hence it is also a good preparation for […]

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