2nd October 2023

Black Forest Trifle Pudding

12th May 2021 HomeCook 0

The Black Forest Trifle Pudding is basically a deconstructed Black Forest Cake (Click here). We use two more ingredients in the trifle than in the cake to make this yummy […]

Caramel Chocolate Pudding

20th May 2020 HomeCook 0

One more pudding – Caramel Chocolate Pudding? – Yeah! Psst …. This one’s a discovery of a kind. Sure I’ve heard about and tasted numerous chocolate puddings and they were […]

Caramel Marie Biscuit Pudding

9th May 2020 HomeCook 2

The Caramel Marie Biscuit Pudding is the simplest of the Puddings on this site. Preparing the pudding is quick and easy if you have Marie biscuits at hand. And specially […]

Hot Cross Bun Pudding

16th April 2020 HomeCook 0

The Hot Cross Bun Pudding has been made with the left over Hot Cross Buns (Click here). But you can also make it with plain bread by adding a few […]

Eggless Mango Pudding

22nd May 2019 HomeCook 0

Make the most of Mango Season by making an Eggless Mango Pudding. It is easy to make and yummy. I have used a local Goan variety of Mango called Mancurad […]

Caramel Yogurt Pudding

26th April 2018 HomeCook 7

The Caramel Yogurt Pudding is pure vegetarian. The taste of the Caramel Yogurt Pudding is not identical but close to that of the original Custard Caramel. The taste is a […]

Bread Pudding

25th November 2016 HomeCook 14

Breakfast .. Tea Time .. Anytime .. Use leftover pao to make this wonderful pudding. Served warm, children and adults alike will love the caramel bread pudding. (For more Pudding […]

Warm Banana Pudding

18th September 2016 HomeCook 1

The goodness of bananas combined with cake and toffee. Tastes best when served warm. You can serve the warm banana pudding as soon as it’s made. Doesn’t need any standing […]

Chocolate Sponge Cake

12th May 2021 HomeCook 0

This a basic Chocolate Sponge Cake used as a base for your rich desserts like Black Forest Trifle (click here) or Black Forest Cake (click here). It a basic sponge […]

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