26th May 2023

Bohri Mutton Cutlets

2nd March 2017 HomeCook 3

The Bohra Muslim Community has presence in the western parts of India and hence as I am now placed in Mumbai, I have had opportunity to relish some of their […]

Fish Tikka Tawa Se

29th September 2016 HomeCook 6

Tandoori food is liked by all. But very few restaurants (including top rated ones), rarely serve a good fish tikka and we have not liked the way they cook it on numerous outings. For one, they use frozen fish, […]

Dabba Gosht

10th September 2016 HomeCook 2

Dabba Gosht is a delicious Eid preparation which is popular all across the Indian subcontinent. There are various variations of this dish all over the world. It is like a […]