16th June 2024

Vellio Kodi (Anchovy Curry)

4th September 2021 HomeCook 0

Vellios are a type of Anchovy. These tiny fish lend a wonderful flavor to Vellio Kodi (Anchovy Curry) – a ground coconut based curry. Even if you are not a […]

Prawn Cauliflower Caldinho

26th August 2021 HomeCook 0

Prawn Cauliflower Caldinho is a Goan Curry made with spiced coconut milk. It is a very common make in most households. People prefer to add vinegar in this curry. But […]

Goan Stuffed Squids

13th May 2021 HomeCook 0

The Goan Stuffed Squids is an easy to make dish. The squids are stuffed with a chilly fry that uses that tentacles of the squids itself. It can be served […]

Prawn Cutlets

10th August 2020 HomeCook 0

Tired of prawns in a curry or in a chilly fry or the fried prawns! Time to make some Prawn Cutlets. Easy to make and delicious, these will do well […]

Prawns Masala Fried

30th March 2020 HomeCook 0

Prawns Masala Fried is a dish served at most Goan restaurants. It uses the Goan Recheado Masala which is a spicy and tangy masala. Owing to this, one can even […]

Quick Prawn Masala Fried

21st March 2020 HomeCook 0

The Quick Prawn Masala Fried is as its name suggests very quick, uses a few basic ingredients and is still a great starter or a side. It can also be […]

Goan Steamed Prawns

8th October 2019 HomeCook 2

When we get our hands on some fresh prawns – those with the long antennae – and we want to enjoy their flavour without cooking them too much, what do […]

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