23rd January 2018

Crispy Fried Anchovies

Anchovies or Mandeli, as they are commonly referred to in India, are a tiny fish packed with flavour and nutrients. They taste best fried crisp and the better part about […]

Prawn Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi is a vegetable known in India as Ganth Gobi, Naab in Goa and as German Turnip or Knol Khol in some other parts of the world. The vegetable is […]

Prawn Xec Xec

Xec Xec (pronounced – Shek Shek) is a traditional Goan coconut curry usually made with crabs. The curry is mildly spicy and is served with rice. This recipe of Prawn […]

Kingfish Croquettes

Continuing with our motto to make cooking a breeze, here’s a recipe for quick and easy Kingfish Croquettes. Serve as a snack or appetizer. It will feel great when your […]

Goan Coconut Milk Kingfish Curry

The Goan Coconut Milk Kingfish Curry is a mildly spiced curry. The kingfish [Seer Fish] goes very well with this light curry and is best served with hot rice. This […]

Instant Goan Prawn Molho

If you want an easy and instant Goan prawn molho, then this recipe is for you. Made with ready to use spice powders, the molho is quick to make and […]

Bangde Sukhem

Bangde Sukhem / Bangda Sukka is a dry Goan preparation of mackerels in a coconut masala gravy. The main flavor of the dish is provided by the Teflam [Tefla] / […]

Goan Prawn Chilly Fry Rice

If you have adequate leftover rice (or you can cook some fresh) and some fresh prawns you can quickly turn it into a Goan style fried rice. The Goan Prawn […]

Lady Fish Jeerem Meerem

In this recipe for the Lady Fish Jeerem Meerem, I’ve used homemade jeerem meerem powder (using powdered spices) to make a peppery tangy curry. The curry compliments the bland taste […]

Goan Ambot Tik

The Goan Ambot Tik Curry is a fish preparation which is spicy and tangy. This Ambot Tik is different from the version I had posted earlier. This one was shared […]

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