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5th December 2019

Chicken Pan Roast

If you don’t have an oven and still want a Chicken Roast then the Chicken Pan Roast is the dish for you. Just a few easy to find ingredients will […]

Goan Steamed Prawns

When we get our hands on some fresh prawns – those with the long antennae – and we want to enjoy their flavour without cooking them too much, what do […]

Corned Beef Potato Chops

Corned Beef Potato Chops are a version of potato chops that I have been eating as a child. My aunt Gracie used to make them often. I never knew any […]

Patoleo / Pattoyo V.2

Patoleo / Pattoyo V.2. is a quicker but alternate method to make the coconut-jaggery stuffed rice dumplings. This method is good when you do not have the Goan red rice […]

Holle – a traditional Goan Sweet

Holle – a traditional Goan Sweet, is a rice dumpling which is made with soaked and ground whole rice and a coconut filling. The dumplings are formed on Jackfruit leaves […]

Patoleo/Pattoyo V.1.

Patoleo / Pattoyo V.1. is the traditional version of the Goan sweet rice dumpling which is made with whole rice which is soaked and ground and stuffed with a Coconut-Palm […]

Coconut-Palm Jaggery-Chana Filling

The Coconut-Palm Jaggery-Chana Filling can be used to stuff Goan sweet rice dumplings like Patoleo / Pattoyo or Holle Yield – 1 Portion Prep. Time: 30 Mins Cooking Time: 20 […]

Cluster Bean Peanut Bhaji

Cluster Bean Peanut Bhaji is a dry preparation of the vegetable locally called tidki-midki / gavar. The cluster beans have a bitter-sweet flavour and are a good combination with some […]

Feijoada – Goan Chorizo Stew

The combination of the favourite of all; the Goan Pork Chorizo Sausage / Choris and Red Kidney Beans / Rajma makes for a delectable dish. Feijoada – Goan Ch0rizo Stew […]

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