16th June 2024

Mutton Badami Curry

16th September 2021 HomeCook 0

The Mutton Badami Curry is made with a base of coconut and almond thereby reducing the coconut in the curry. It’s a mild and easy to make thick curry and […]

Prawn Ball Curry

13th September 2021 HomeCook 1

The Prawn Ball Curry is a fun way of eating prawns. However, I must warn you that the flavours in the Prawn Balls are more pronounced. But if you are […]

Vellio Kodi (Anchovy Curry)

4th September 2021 HomeCook 0

Vellios are a type of Anchovy. These tiny fish lend a wonderful flavor to Vellio Kodi (Anchovy Curry) – a ground coconut based curry. Even if you are not a […]

Cream of Mushroom Soup

1st September 2021 HomeCook 0

Everyone in our family likes a good Cream of Mushroom Soup. We always enjoyed a hot bowl of this soup at restaurants. My quest to replicate the restaurant taste and […]

Pork Vindaloo (Mild Version)

30th August 2021 HomeCook 2

Pork Vindalho (Mild Version) is less sour and spicy than the traditional Pork Vindalho (see here). When you go through the list of ingredients and the recipe below you will […]

Chole Bhature

29th August 2021 HomeCook 0

Chole Bhature is a popular Indian snack / meal especially in the Northern States of India. It is a thick tangy gravy with chickpeas. In this recipe we will be […]

Prawn Cauliflower Caldinho

26th August 2021 HomeCook 0

Prawn Cauliflower Caldinho is a Goan Curry made with spiced coconut milk. It is a very common make in most households. People prefer to add vinegar in this curry. But […]

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