10th April 2024
Homecook - Ina

Ever since I was a kid I was very interested in cooking. For most individuals, it was their grandmothers or mothers, that introduced them to cooking. But my mentor was my Daddy. I followed him into the kitchen whenever he was around. I loved what he cooked and though he was very secretive about what he was cooking, I managed to gather tips here and there.

I was fortunate to grow up in a large extended family environment with about a dozen aunties (on both maternal and paternal sides), and my mother all of who are very good cooks. I spied on them all. Whenever we cooked, it was like a feast. Huge vessels, full of food to feed the many mouths. Cooking small quantities was unknown to me before my marriage.

My uncles, m-i-l, my spouse and my boys also played a part in shaping my cooking. They are the most agonizing food critics you will come across. Sometimes, their criticism would make me cry, but I am a better cook today because of all of them.

I am Ina De Silva, happily married to a doting husband and a mother of two boys. When I was a spinster and having completed my M.Sc. in Microbiology, I worked in the chemical industry for a few months as an apprentice. I also worked for a winery in Goa for about a year and half.

Marriage, like for most women, changed the entire direction of my life. I took to teaching in a school for a few years but had to give up to take care of my toddlers. On most days I was faced with the dilemma of what to cook. Research, experimentation and criticism from my three boys made me better myself, so much so, that I can proudly say today that I am a good cook. My aunties, my friends and my three boys will vouch for me.

My friends at the Madhouse Balcao (a Whatsapp group of school mates now scattered all over the world) would egg me to do something with this gift that I have. And so BFT was born. Enough about me though, I know you are here today ….. FOR THE LOVE OF FOOD.

Edit (15 Sep. 2018): I’ve been whirling through the past year, juggling work, kids, hubby and BFT. It’s getting more and more enjoyable doing the BFT with all the words of appreciation and praise. I’m making new friends too – all over the world. Here’s cheers and wishes to all – do the BFT – for the love of Food. 🙂

Homecook - Ina