11th April 2024

Beef Mince Potato Chops

31st May 2021 HomeCook 0

Beef Mince Potato Chops are made with mince stuffed in a potato mash. The chops are a snack commonly prepared by Christian households. And eaten with relish, stuffed in pao […]

Hot Milk Cake

23rd May 2021 HomeCook 0

Hot Milk Cake is an old-fashioned butter sponge cake of American origin. It is soft but has a dense vanilla crumb. Hot milk and butter give the Hot Milk Cake […]

Dry Fruit Sheera

23rd May 2021 HomeCook 0

Dry Fruit Sheera is a sweet preparation using the humble semolina. Like all the variants of sheera preparations, it is very easy and quick to make and great to serve […]

Pista Elaichi Nankhatai

13th May 2021 HomeCook 0

Easy to make Pista Elaichi Nankhatai (an Indian shortbread cookie flavoured with cardamom and topped with pistachios). The recipe uses few ingredients and pure ghee and is quick and effortless […]

Goan Stuffed Squids

13th May 2021 HomeCook 0

The Goan Stuffed Squids is an easy to make dish. The squids are stuffed with a chilly fry that uses that tentacles of the squids itself. It can be served […]

Black Forest Trifle Pudding

12th May 2021 HomeCook 0

The Black Forest Trifle Pudding is basically a deconstructed Black Forest Cake (Click here). We use two more ingredients in the trifle than in the cake to make this yummy […]

Black Forest Cake

12th May 2021 HomeCook 0

The Black Forest Cake needs no introduction. It is a very popular dessert cake of German Origin. My first tasting was when I was in my early teens. It was […]

Chocolate Sponge Cake

12th May 2021 HomeCook 0

This a basic Chocolate Sponge Cake used as a base for your rich desserts like Black Forest Trifle (click here) or Black Forest Cake (click here). It a basic sponge […]

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