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21st January 2020

Cucumber Carrot Raita

Be it a biryani, a pulao, a masala bhat or a tawa rice, the Cucumber Carrot Raita it the best accompaniment.  It gives these dishes the element of acidity necessary […]

Mixed Vegetable Mayo Salad

The Mixed Vegetable Mayo Salad is an easy to make cold salad. It uses the commonest of vegetables and yet tastes wonderful. You may choose to eat this salad by […]

Cluster Bean Peanut Bhaji

Cluster Bean Peanut Bhaji is a dry preparation of the vegetable locally called tidki-midki / gavar. The cluster beans have a bitter-sweet flavour and are a good combination with some […]

Chick Pea Pulao

If you love Chick Pea / Kabuli Chana in your gravies or snacks then I’m sure you’ll also like a Chole Pulao. The Chole Pulao will be a one pot […]

Alu Mutter

Alu Mutter is a preparation of potatoes and peas. Although there are umpteen ways this is prepared, we as a family like it, as this recipe entails. This preparation is […]

Raw Mango Salad

The Raw Mango Salad is very simple to make. All you need are some semi ripe firm mangoes and a few common kitchen ingredients. So what are you waiting for […]

Dry Green Pea Patal Bhaji

You may have heard it said more than once and I say it again – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And what better way than to […]

Oats Koiloreos

My quest to include oats in our diet led to experimentation and the making of Oats Koiloreos. Koiloreos (Koiloleos / Coiloreos), as you may know are an unleavened Goan bread […]

Chavli in Coconut-Cashewnut Gravy

Cook the melt in the mouth, vitamin and fibre rich Lobia [Chavli / Black-eyed Beans] with this easy to make Chavli in Coconut-Cashewnut Gravy Recipe. You can serve it with […]

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