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18th January 2020

Chicken Pan Roast

If you don’t have an oven and still want a Chicken Roast then the Chicken Pan Roast is the dish for you. Just a few easy to find ingredients will […]

Easy Chicken Pulao

The Easy Chicken Pulao, just like any pulao, is a one pot meal. We love our pulaos. They are less time consuming and delicious. Though a pulao needs no accompaniment, […]

Crumb Fried Chicken Steaks

Crumb Fried Chicken Steaks are great for an evening meal. The breast portion of boneless chicken is used for this preparation and hence it is also a good preparation for […]

Raw Mince Chicken Cutlets

For a different texture and taste, the Raw Mince Chicken Cutlets are a must try. They retain the flavor of meat and are both crisp and juicy at the same […]

Chicken Meatball Chilly Fry

Tired of eating chicken in various curries or dry preps – Then try your hand at the Chicken Meatball Chilly Fry. It is rather simple and quick to make and […]

Chicken Nawabi

Chicken is cooked in an onion, cashewnut and curd gravy to make the Chicken Nawabi. The preparation is smooth (no whole spices or meat bones to deal with) and can […]

Chicken Xacuti

Chicken Xacuti is a robust spiced coconut curry that is definately one of the most popular curries in Goa. It is so popular that it is served from breakfast to […]

Easy Peasy Garlicy Chicken

This chicken appetizer is very easy to cook and hence I’ve named it Easy Peasy Garlicy Chicken. It is great to serve as a snack or as an entrée. Great […]

Chicken Cashew Corriander Roast

With the use of a few ingredients to make a marinade and some roasting in the oven, you will have a wonderful Chicken Cashew Corriander Roast. I have used the […]

Chicken in Dahi Cashewnut Gravy

Chicken in Dahi Cashewnut Gravy is a mild gravy. The chicken turns out succulent and soft in this gravy. The gravy is fluidic and best served with hot rice. Serves: […]

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