18th June 2024

Dahi Beef

14th April 2019 HomeCook 0

Imagine a day when you set out to cook a Goan Green Beef (click here for the recipe) – And though I have a recipe here on BFT – I […]

Prawn Bilimbi Sukka

11th April 2019 HomeCook 0

The Prawn Bilimbi Sukka is a zero oil recipe. It is a steamed preparation made with the seasonal bilimbi / bimbla, fresh shelled prawns and grated coconut. The mild sourness […]

Prawn Pulao

11th April 2019 HomeCook 6

The Prawn Pulao made with fresh prawns and Basmati rice is delectable and delicious, yet mildly spiced pulao. It is a favourite with my boys because of its mild and […]

Chicken Nawabi

7th April 2019 HomeCook 2

Chicken is cooked in an onion, cashewnut and curd gravy to make the Chicken Nawabi. The preparation is smooth (no whole spices or meat bones to deal with) and can […]

Daddy’s Fried Beef

7th April 2019 HomeCook 6

This is something that I remember my Dad make and hence the dish is named Daddy’s Fried Beef. It is pretty simple to make – all you need it a […]