18th June 2024

Salted Biscuit Chicken Canapes

Salted Biscuit Chicken Canapes

This is a suggestion for salted biscuit chicken canapes which you can serve as an appetiser for the next ladin /  Baptism /  Communion or similar party that you wish to host at home. It is super convenient to make as you can boil the chicken and store in the refrigerator in advance and on D-day you just have to assemble all ingredients. You can also use ready canapés.


  • Salted Biscuits – as required
  • Chicken Spread (click here)– as required

Step 1:     Spread an appropriate amount of the chicken over each biscuit / canapé.

Step 2:     Decorate with a drop of tomato ketchup or a sauce of your choice.

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