30th September 2023

Walnut Drops

17th December 2017 HomeCook 3

We just love walnut drops. So these are certainly a sweet that we must prepare for Christmas. We use drinking chocolate too in our walnut drops and recommend you not […]

White Chocolate Fudge

17th December 2017 HomeCook 9

The White Chocolate Fudge is so easy that you’ll be making it quite often. The salted butter and some sea salt added to the fudge gives it a twist.  Just […]

Savoury Kulkuls

17th December 2017 HomeCook 4

Kulkuls are a fried pastry preparation made for Christmas. They are usually sweet. But this recipe for Savoury Kulkuls uses just ½ tbsp. of sugar. I’ve used caraway seeds to […]