10th April 2024

Pineapple Wine

Pineapple Wine

The Pineapple wine is an easy to make homemade wine. It turns out semi-dry with a hint of the spices used. This wine takes absolutely no effort to make and will definitely give you a kick 😆 Some cheesy starter will perfectly compliment the wine.


  • Pineapple (peeled, cut into small cubes) – 1 (750 gms)
  • Sugar – 750 gms
  • Wheat grains – 1 fistful
  • Cloves – 2 to 4
  • Cinnamon – 1 to 2 inch
  • Yeast (instant, see note) – ½ tbsp.
Preparation of Pineapple Wine

Step 1:     Boil 1350 ml water for 20 + minutes and then let it cool to lukewarm.

Step 2:     Take a glass or ceramic jar and wash with hot water. Dry the jar in the sun.

Step 3:     Place all the ingredients except the yeast into the jar. Pour the lukewarm water into the jar and stir with a clean wooden spoon.

Step 4:     Then add the yeast and mix well. Cover the mouth of the jar with a clean cloth and tie it at the neck with some string.

Step 5:     Stir the contents of the jar once daily at a fixed time for 7 days. You will see the ingredients roaming around in the liquid during this phase. This means that the fermentation is active.

Step 6:     Do not stir the ingredients of the jar after the seventh day. Leave it undisturbed for another 7 days.

Step 7:     On the 15th day, strain the wine. Squeeze all the remains to get all the liquids out. The wine will be cloudy. Hence leave it undisturbed for a few hours.

Step 8:     Transfer the semi-clear slightly hazy wine to sterile bottles and leave the bottles aside for at least another 5 to 7 days undisturbed, so that the fine particles settle (although you can get drunk immediately :))


  • While making larger or smaller quantities, use 450 ml of water and 250 gms sugar for every 250 gms of pineapple.
  • If using active yeast, activate the yeast. Use ¼ cup warm water and a 1 tsp. sugar. Dissolve the yeast in it and leave aside for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • While filling the bottles, do not fill to the brim. Keep 2 to 3 inches of space empty.
  • You can also ferment the wine in a plastic jar. But make sure the jar is food grade and wash it well to remove any chemical residue.
  • Best had when kept to mature in a bottle for 2 to 3 weeks in a dark place. Serve chilled.


  1. Hi, thanks for the wonderful recipe. The first time I had prepared, turned out awesome. But this time, it has tuned out a bit bitter with hardly any sweetness. Only difference was this time, I added a bit of then outer skin. Could this be the reason? What could be done to better the taste?

  2. I have made this wine..have a query..do i have to seal the bottle after the 7th day or leave it with the the cloth tied around during the entire process..pls guide

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