30th May 2024

Goan Cashew Apple Cake

19th March 2018 HomeCook 2

And you thought Goans only make cashew feni with the cashew fruit? Nope, we also do a Goan Cashew Apple Cake. Albeit this one is almost forgotten. When I was […]

Prawn Potato Chops

11th March 2018 HomeCook 1

Prawn Potato Chops are fried potato dumplings which are stuffed with a prawn filling. Potato chops are made with chicken, prawns, minced meat, canned meat and even with vegetables. Though […]

Batter Fried Squids

11th March 2018 HomeCook 1

Batter Fried Squids / Calamari are a popular starter served in most restaurants in Goa. They are a perfect accompaniment to drinks and taste good fresh and hot. The trick […]

Hot & Sweet Tomato Ketchup

11th March 2018 HomeCook 2

When tomatoes have crowded the market and their prices are dirt cheap, I just can’t resist preserving some in the form of a Hot & Sweet Ketchup. This homemade ketchup […]

Pineapple Wine

10th March 2018 HomeCook 9

The Pineapple wine is an easy to make homemade wine. It turns out semi-dry with a hint of the spices used. This wine takes absolutely no effort to make and […]

Crab & Prawn Ros Curry

9th March 2018 HomeCook 0

I had bought some really fresh crabs and prawns and couldn’t quite decide what to make for lunch that day. I just could not bear keeping one of the two […]

Canned Sardine Cutlets

9th March 2018 HomeCook 7

You know how it is some days, you feel very lethargic to cook, but must, because you are the woman of the house and you have mouths to feed. And […]

Prawn & Drumstick Curry

8th March 2018 HomeCook 0

The mildly spiced and creamy coconut milk Prawn & Drumstick Curry is a lip smacking curry. It is perfect to have with rice and you don’t even need a vegetable […]

Malbari Mutton Koorma

8th March 2018 HomeCook 0

The Malbari Mutton Koorma has the distinct flavours unique to this region of the state of Kerala. Though the curry is similar to the Goan Xacuti, it is a lot […]

Squid Molho

7th March 2018 HomeCook 6

Molho is a sweet-tangy-spicy fish pickle. It can be stored without refrigeration for about 2 months if topped with a layer of oil. Besides Squid Molho, I also do one […]

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