30th May 2024


28th April 2018 HomeCook 8

The Dodol is a Goan sweet made with coconut milk, jaggery and rice flour. To make the Dodol melt in the mouth, it is essential to use the right proportion […]

Doce de Grao

27th April 2018 HomeCook 6

Doce de Grao or Chana Doce is a Goan sweetmeat prepared using Split Bengal Gram. This famed sweet is enjoyed by all Goans at any time as a snack or […]

Caramel Yogurt Pudding

26th April 2018 HomeCook 7

The Caramel Yogurt Pudding is pure vegetarian. The taste of the Caramel Yogurt Pudding is not identical but close to that of the original Custard Caramel. The taste is a […]

Pomfret Jeerem Meerem

25th April 2018 HomeCook 1

The Pomfret Jeerem Meerem is a mildly spiced watery broth cooked in tamarind water. The pomfrets also release their juices and oils and the make the curry even more flavourful. […]

Dahi Kadi

25th April 2018 HomeCook 0

The Dahi Kadi is a simple preparation using a few ingredients. You can prepare this yogurt curry in a few minutes. The tangy curry goes very well with rice and […]

Stuffed Crabs

23rd April 2018 HomeCook 3

Stuffed Crabs are a fun way of serving crabs. They are especially good to serve to kids or persons not skilled at eating the whole crabs. My version of Stuffed […]

Goan Sausage Rolls

21st April 2018 HomeCook 2

Goan Sausage Rolls are baked buns stuffed with the unique Goan Pork Chorizo or Choris as locally called in Goa. Every Goan household whether in Goa or anywhere in the […]

Prawn Fingers

19th April 2018 HomeCook 3

No these are not Tempura Prawns. These are in fact simple crumb fried prawns. But how do the prawns not curl as they usually do while frying. The trick is […]