23rd April 2019

Quick Malai Peda

Quick Malai Peda / Pedha is short-cut version of milk pedas. They are in no way less yummy, even though I’ve used condensed milk. This version saves the tedious effort […]

Kesar Elaichi Malai Peda

Kesar Elaichi Malai Peda / Pedha is a milk based Indian sweet. It is flavoured with saffron and cardamom and has a rich irresistible taste. I must warn you, if […]

Beef Rolado / Roulade

Beef Rolado / Roulade is prepared with thin steaks / slices / fillets of beef. Strips of pork fat, carrot, chilly and potato are placed on one end of the […]

Pork and Beef Masala

A combination of Beef and Pork always turns yum as in the case of the Pork and Beef Stew (click here). However, the Pork and Beef Stew preparation is mild, […]

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