23rd April 2019

Kesar Vermicelli Kheer

The Vermicelli Kheer is favourite dessert all over India. Served in different variation like Payasam, Sheer Korma, etc. Try my recipe of the vermicelli kheer flavoured with Kashmiri Saffron and […]

Pork Aad Maas

Pork Aad Maas is a Goan preparation of pork that is on the bone. The Pork Aad Maas is slow cooked and the resultant broth is sweet, tangy and mildly […]

Beef Aad Maas

Beef Aad Maas is a Goan preparation of beef on the bone. The ribs are the portion of choice for this preparation. The Beef Aad Maas is a spicy, sweet […]

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