22nd May 2024

Cooked Marzipan

12th December 2018 HomeCook 9

The Cooked Marzipan is another way of making Marzipan, the others being the Quick Marzipan with egg (see here) and the Quick Marzipan without egg (coming up). As with all […]

Non-alcoholic Plum Cake

10th December 2018 HomeCook 13

The Non-alcoholic Plum Cake is that dark coloured fruit cake that you may have often bought from your bakers. It is a cake loaded with fruits (mostly black raisins) and […]

Caramel for Cakes

9th December 2018 HomeCook 0

Caramel for Cakes is made to add to cake batter. It adds colour and flavor to cakes, especially plum, and dark coloured cakes. It is also used in the preparation […]