22nd January 2018

Sweet Brinjal Pickle

The Sweet Brinjal Pickle is an easy to make pickle that uses sun dried eggplants / aubergine. When brinjals are in season it makes sense to preserve some in this […]

Goan Cafreal Masala

The Goan cafreal masala can be made and stored in the refrigerator and can be used to marinate chicken and fish before frying it. Don’t miss out the jaggery as it gives […]

Goan Green Coconut Chutney

The Goan Green Coconut Chutney is primarily used to further coat buttered bread and make delicious green chutney sandwiches. The uses though are not limited and depends on your imagination. […]

Honey Mustard Mayonnaise

Follow a single step to flavour your mayonnaise. You can choose to make the mayonnaise yourself and then flavour it or use commercially available mayonnaise with or without egg and turn it […]

Homemade Mayonnaise with Egg

This recipe was shared to me by Mrs. Irene Cabral, who is more than my neighbour. You’ll notice that she uses all the oil in one go (most recipes call […]

Goan Recheado Masala

The Portuguese word for stuffing is Recheio. The recheado masala is primarily used in Goa to stuff fish. However, it’s a versatile sauce that may be used in many other dishes. Ingredients: […]