18th June 2024

Goan Green Chicken

23rd June 2017 HomeCook 8

The Goan Green Chicken is a chicken curry which uses green corriander as its main flavouring agent. Usually cooked with beef in Goa, the chicken variant is good for those […]

Red Pumpkin & Dry Prawns

23rd June 2017 HomeCook 0

Salting and drying fish is the oldest known way of preserving fresh produce for use when not available, especially in the rainy season when fishing trawlers do not venture into […]

Egg Xacuti Curry

21st June 2017 HomeCook 0

I’m sure you know about the robust coconut curry – the Goan xacuti. It is usually prepared with meat but I was convinced it would taste good with boiled eggs […]

Prawn and Raw Mango Curry

18th June 2017 HomeCook 0

The Prawn and Raw Mango Curry is a Goan specialty made when mangoes are in season (you can also peel and store the raw mangoes in the refrigerator for later […]

Recheado Squid Curry

1st June 2017 HomeCook 0

I started out making stuffed squids. But I was feeling lazy and by the time I was done cleaning the squids, I had no patience to clean the prawns that […]