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25th August 2019

Prawn and Raw Mango Curry

Prawn and Raw Mango Curry

The Prawn and Raw Mango Curry is a Goan specialty made when mangoes are in season (you can also peel and store the raw mangoes in the refrigerator for later use). The curry is a mildy spiced and tangy coconut curry. The mango provides the acidity to the curry, while the prawns and coconut make the curry flavoursome and creamy. You can relish this lip smacking curry with hot rice and you will be left licking your fingers at the end of your meal (That is, if you eat with your fingers πŸ˜› )

Serves: A Family of Four.

Prep. Time: 20 Mins.

Cooking Time: 18 to 20 Mins.


[Standard Measure – 1 cup = 200 ml.]

  • Raw Mango (peeled & sliced) – 1 medium sized (sour variety)
  • Prawns (cleaned & deveined) – Β½ cup
  • For the Masala:
    • Coconut (grated) – 1 cup (tightly packed)
    • Bedgi Red Chillies (stemmed) – 6 to 8
    • Kashmiri Red Chillies (stemmed) – 2
    • Corriander Seeds – 1 tbsp.
    • Cumin Seeds – ΒΌ tsp.
    • Tomato (chopped) – 1 small
    • Onion (chopped) – Β½ of medium sized
    • Garlic – 4 cloves
    • Turmeric – Β½ tsp.
  • Onion (finely chopped) – Β½ of medium sized
  • Thick Coconut Milk (see here) – Β½ cup
  • Green Chillies (slit) – 2
  • Sea Salt – 1 Β½ tsp. or to taste

Step 1:     Apply 1 tsp. salt to the  sliced raw mango and keep aside for 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 2:     Apply Β½ tsp. salt to the prawns and keep aside.

Step 3:     Grind all the ingredients listed under masala with Β½ tsp. turmeric to a fine paste using 150 ml water.

Preparation of Prawn and Raw Mango Curry

Step 4:     Take a vessel suitable to make the curry. Add the chopped onion and sprinkle Β½ tsp. salt on it. Mix well with your fingers. Then add the prawns, the raw mango and the ground masala to the vessel. Rinse your grinder (mixie) jar with 1 cup water and add this water to the vessel.

Preparation of Prawn and Raw Mango Curry

Step 5:     Add another Β½ cup of water and place the vessel on low heat. Let the curry simmer till the raw mango turns soft (around 15 minutes).

Step 5:     Check for salt and add if required. Then add the thick coconut milk and simmer on low heat without allowing the curry to come to a boil (stir in between) for another 2 to 3 minutes.

Preparation of Prawn and Raw Mango Curry

Step 6:     Add the green chillies, cover and switch off the heat. Leave for at least 5 minutes before serving.

Preparation of Prawn and Raw Mango Curry

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