18th June 2024

Tia Terezinha’s Xacuti Powder

Xacuti Powder

I know of two people whose xacuti masala turned out just right. One was my dad and the other Aunt Aida (Terezinha) . Both of them handpicked the spices without any measures and always got it right. Their xacuti curries tasted the yummiest. So, when aunt Aida came visiting, I asked her to pick out the spices. I measured the quantities and put it on the blog for you to use. So here is how to prepare Tia Terezinha’s Xacuti Powder. Thankyou auntie.


  • Red Chillies [Bedgi] (deseeded) – 25
  • Corriander Seeds – 2 tbsp.
  • Black Pepper Corns – 50
  • Cloves – 24
  • Cinnamon – 4 inch
  • Green Cardamom – 05
  • Poppy Seeds – 2 tsp.
  • Cumin Seeds – ½ tsp.
  • Aniseed – 1 tsp.
  • Mace – 1 floret
  • Star Anise (remove the seeds) – 1 flower
  • Nutmeg – ¼ piece
  • Black Stone Flower [Dagad / Pathar Phool] – 1
Preparation of Xacuti Powder

Step 1:     Take a heavy bottomed pan / iron pan (kadai) and roast the dried red chillies on low heat till they are crisp. Keep turning them around so that they do not burn. Set aside in a plate.

Preparation of Xacuti Powder

Step 2:     Next dry roast the corriander seeds till fragrant and till it changes colour. Transfer to the plate.

Preparation of Xacuti Powder

Step 3:     Put all the remaining spices in the pan except the poppy seeds and dry roast them till fragrant and transfer.

Step 4:     Finally roast the poppy seeds for a minute or two. Transfer to the plate and let all the spices cool down completely.

Preparation of Xacuti Powder

Step 5:     Grind all the roasted ingredients to a fine powder and store in a sterile glass jar for future use.


  • If you are going to make large quantities of the masala, you will have to roast each spice separately.

I wish I could note down daddy’s xacuti ingredients but he had an untimely departure. We just mourned his 6th death anniversary on 11th June. We miss him.


  1. Thank u to aunt Tia Terezinha’s xacuiti spice powder .
    special thank to u u take effert to acurate measurement.
    i will it then get u back
    Thank u n aunt

  2. Fantastic recipe. Would you have a recipe for Samar Powder. My Granny used to make this and send for us, unfortunately her recipe died with her.

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