25th June 2024

Goan Pomfret Curry

11th July 2017 HomeCook 4

Usually Goan fish curries are prepared with a ground coconut masala paste. I like to prepare the Goan Pomfret Curry with spiced coconut milk. The curry turns out light and […]

Capsicum Stuffed with Beef Mince

9th July 2017 HomeCook 3

The Capsicum Stuffed with Beef Mince prepared with fresh mince tastes yummy. Capsicum stuffed with mince enhances the flavour of the mince as well as adds to the presentation. Simple […]

Goan Crab Curry

9th July 2017 HomeCook 0

The Goan crab curry is very simple and quick to make. The coconut gravy of the curry and the flavours of the crabs intermingle to give you a delightful and […]

Bombay Duck Green Curry

7th July 2017 HomeCook 0

Come the rains and fresh fish is sparse as fishermen do not venture into the deep sea. However, around this time Bombay Ducks become available in plenty in the market. […]

Mushroom Xacuti

4th July 2017 HomeCook 4

The Mushroom Xacuti needs no introduction. It’s a versatile dish that can be served at any meal. Serve it at breakfast with some kadak pao, at lunch with hot steamed […]

Tisryo Corop

2nd July 2017 HomeCook 2

Tisryo Corop is a Goan Shell-Fish / Clam curry. It is very simple and quick to make. It is similar to the Goan Crab Curry and equally delectable.  All you […]