30th May 2024

Crab Butter Garlic

31st August 2017 HomeCook 0

Serves: 2 Persons Prep. Time: 10 Mins. + 15 Mins. (marination) Cooking Time: 18 to 20 Mins. This a quick and easy way to cook crabs. The crabs are cooked […]

Pomfret stuffed with Green Masala

23rd August 2017 HomeCook 0

The pomfret stuffed with green masala is a variation of the popular recheado fish (Fish stuffed with the red recheado masala is popularly served in most Goan homes and restaurants). I […]

Pepper Beef

15th August 2017 HomeCook 11

Follow simple steps and make a relishing pepper beef. The pepper beef can be served with hot rice or chapatis or pao. The beef will surely be wiped out when […]

Pork and Beef Stew

8th August 2017 HomeCook 8

When Goans prepare the pork and beef stew, all the ingredients are cooked separately and then combined in the end. The preparation looks and tastes dry. Dollops of butter are […]

Recheado Pomfret

5th August 2017 HomeCook 0

Recheio is the Portuguese word for stuffing. Stuffing fish with a recheio and then frying is practised regularly in Goan Cuisine. The spicy and tangy recheado masala is mostly used […]