25th April 2019

Caramel for Cakes

Caramel for Cakes is made to add to cake batter. It adds colour and flavor to cakes, especially plum, and dark coloured cakes. It is also used in the preparation […]

Red Idli Dosa Chutney

Red Idli Dosa Chutney is a quick to make chutney and will go along with you dosa or idli. For instance you can use it with the Instant Rava Uttapam […]

Hot & Sweet Tomato Ketchup

When tomatoes have crowded the market and their prices are dirt cheap, I just can’t resist preserving some in the form of a Hot & Sweet Ketchup. This homemade ketchup […]

Pepper Masala Powder

The Pepper Masala Powder is a spice mix I make in small quantities for use in various preparations. You can make this masala powder in greater quantities if you enjoy […]

Coconut Sugarcane Jaggery Filling

Coconut Sugarcane Jaggery Filling is called chunn in Goa and can be used to stuff a variety of Goan sweets like patoleos, holles, sweet sannas, etc. and also pancakes. It […]

Coconut Palm Jaggery Filling

Palm Jaggery or madha god (as known in Goa) gives the Coconut Palm Jaggery Filling or chunn (Konkani) its distinct flavor. This filling is used to stuff pancakes as also […]

Coconut Cashewnut Filling

Coconut Cashewnut Filling or chunn as we call it in Goa, is one of the many types of fillings that are used to stuff pancakes. The filling can also be […]

Goan Red Coconut Chutney

The Goan Red Coconut Chutney is not as popular as the Green Chutney (click here for the green version) and was used as a substitute for curry. And since it […]

Homemade Sur / Coconut Toddy

Whenever we visit Goa, we always bring home some stock of coconuts (besides other stuff 🙂 from there. Once we are back home we break open the coconuts and save […]

Goan Jeerem Meerem Powder

The Goan Jeerem Meerem Powder is a type of garam masala powder. It is very versatile and can be used with meats, eggs or vegetables. My method below is a […]

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