2nd December 2022

Red Idli Dosa Chutney

29th November 2018 HomeCook 0

Red Idli Dosa Chutney is a quick to make chutney and will go along with you dosa or idli. For instance you can use it with the Instant Rava Uttapam […]

Hot & Sweet Tomato Ketchup

11th March 2018 HomeCook 0

When tomatoes have crowded the market and their prices are dirt cheap, I just can’t resist preserving some in the form of a Hot & Sweet Ketchup. This homemade ketchup […]

Pepper Masala Powder

25th February 2018 HomeCook 0

The Pepper Masala Powder is a spice mix I make in small quantities for use in various preparations. You can make this masala powder in greater quantities if you enjoy […]

Coconut Palm Jaggery Filling

7th February 2018 HomeCook 0

Palm Jaggery or madha god (as known in Goa) gives the Coconut Palm Jaggery Filling or chunn (Konkani) its distinct flavor. This filling is used to stuff pancakes as also […]

Coconut Cashewnut Filling

7th February 2018 HomeCook 4

Coconut Cashewnut Filling or chunn as we call it in Goa, is one of the many types of fillings that are used to stuff pancakes. The filling can also be […]

Goan Red Coconut Chutney

2nd February 2018 HomeCook 1

The Goan Red Coconut Chutney is not as popular as the Green Chutney (click here for the green version) and was used as a substitute for curry. And since it […]

Goan Jeerem Meerem Powder

19th October 2017 HomeCook 2

The Goan Jeerem Meerem Powder is a type of garam masala powder. It is very versatile and can be used with meats, eggs or vegetables. My method below is a […]

Whipped Chocolate Ganache

13th September 2017 HomeCook 2

The whipped chocolate ganache is used for frosting cakes cakes and muffins. It has a rich chocolate taste but has a mousse like texture. The recipe below is sufficient to […]

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