28th February 2024

Ridge Gourd Moong

2nd October 2017 HomeCook 0

Gosali/turai (ridgegourd) cooked with split green gram (moong) is a simple preparation which contains high fiber and very low calories. The coconut oil in this recipe enhances the flavor and […]

Goan Prawn Chow Chow

1st October 2017 HomeCook 6

The Goan Prawn Chow Chow was made regularly at all occasions in Goa. I remember when I was young, how the Goan mestins (cooks) would cook it. The vegetables were chopped, […]

Mughlai Chicken Meatballs

1st October 2017 HomeCook 2

Chicken koftas in a creamy delectable gravy would describe the Mughlai Chicken Meatballs aptly. Will go well with rotis, naans or any Indian bread. But will taste equally good even […]

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