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2nd April 2020

Kanda Poha

Kanda Poha is a breakfast or a tea time snack popular in western India. It is made with flattened parboiled rice. Poha is prepared both as a sweet or spicy […]

Tomato Omlette / Besan Cheela

Tomato Omlette / Besan Cheela / Chilla is a very easy to make snack and uses a very few ingredients. It is made with besan (gram flour). You can serve […]

Rawa Upma

Another healthy breakfast from India, the Rawa Upma also called Upit in the West of India, is a savory version of the Tea Time Sheera (click here) and the Pineapple […]

Khaman Dhokla

Khaman Dhokla is a popular Gujarati snack relished by people all over India. It is a steamed cake made primarily with gram or besan (gram flour) and then doused with […]

Kabuli Chana Gravy

The Kabuli Chana Gravy (Chickpea Gravy) is a no coconut gravy. Some of the chana itself is ground and used to thicken the gravy. The gravy is very less on […]

Chawli Sukkem

Chawli Sukkem is a dry preparation of Black Eyed Peas / Lobia. It is mildly spiced and served as an accompaniment with rice and curry. You can also serve it […]

Cabbage Ros

Cabbage Ros is a mildly spiced coconut milk curry. It is made with cabbage which is cut in a specific manner. It mostly eaten with rice but one can even […]

Cheese Potato Chops

I always wished to make a non-minced meat potato chop, but the thought of using vegetables or mushroom or cottage cheese (paneer) did not appeal to me. I wanted to […]

Cluster Bean Peanut Bhaji

Cluster Bean Peanut Bhaji is a dry preparation of the vegetable locally called tidki-midki / gavar. The cluster beans have a bitter-sweet flavour and are a good combination with some […]

Chick Pea Pulao

If you love Chick Pea / Kabuli Chana in your gravies or snacks then I’m sure you’ll also like a Chole Pulao. The Chole Pulao will be a one pot […]

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