15th October 2018

Caramel Yogurt Pudding

The Caramel Yogurt Pudding is pure vegetarian. The taste of the Caramel Yogurt Pudding is not identical but close to that of the original Custard Caramel. The taste is a […]

Dahi Kadi

The Dahi Kadi is a simple preparation using a few ingredients. You can prepare this yogurt curry in a few minutes. The tangy curry goes very well with rice and […]

Chawli Masala

This Chawli / Chavli Masala is a no-coconut gravy made with black eyed beans. It is prepared in an onion-tomato base and is sort of like Beans in Tomato but more […]

Dry Green Pea Masala

Dry Green Peas or Hara / Hirva Vatana as commonly referred to India are a legume loaded with important vitamins and minerals and also fiber. This Goan preparation of the […]

Goan Chana Masala

The Goan Chana Masala is made with chickpea and a coconut and spice based masala. The masalas are roasted and then ground and hence the Goan Chana Masala has a […]

Tamdi Patol Bhaji

Leafy vegetables are mostly cooked dry or as a semi gravy. I decided to make Red Amaranth with coconut milk and I’ve named the creation Tamdi Patol Bhaji. It is […]

Vegetable Croquette

Vegetable Croquettes are a very good snack, starter or a tiffin filler for kids. The vegetable croquette I make is so yummy that even my children who always make a […]

Flat Bean Foogath

The Flat Bean Foogath like all Goan ‘Foogaths’ is plain and simple. Most vegetable preparations in Goa are fairly simple, probably to serve as a side with the spicy curries […]

Carrot and Capsicum

This preparation of Carrot and Capsicum is almost like a warm salad. It makes use of just mustard seeds and some herbs. It’s very easy to make. In fact cleaning […]

Beetroot Salad

A plain and simple salad to serve as an accompaniment with any of your dishes, the Beetroot Salad is packed with nutrients. You should make beetroot a part of your […]

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