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6th April 2020 HomeCook 0

Misal is a spicy broth made with different types of lentils or sprouted lentils. It is a popular dish in Western India. It is served topped with chopped onion and […]

Kanda Bhaji

6th April 2020 HomeCook 0

Kanda Bhaji or Onion Fritters are a popular Indian snack. Some restaurants serve it, though it is commonly available as street food. The Kanda Bhaji are deep fried in oil […]

Besan Toast

3rd April 2020 HomeCook 0

Besan toast is a very easy to make snack. It is sliced bread coated with a batter of besan (gram flour)  and a few other ingredients. You can serve it […]

Fried Banana Buns

3rd April 2020 HomeCook 2

The Fried Banana Buns are a popular Goan and Mangalorean snack. The main ingredients for these buns are flour and ripe bananas. The buns are fried and served mostly at […]

Kanda Poha

31st March 2020 HomeCook 4

Kanda Poha is a breakfast or a tea time snack popular in western India. It is made with flattened parboiled rice. Poha is prepared both as a sweet or spicy […]

Rawa Upma

28th March 2020 HomeCook 0

Another healthy breakfast from India, the Rawa Upma also called Upit in the West of India, is a savory version of the Tea Time Sheera (click here) and the Pineapple […]

Khaman Dhokla

28th March 2020 HomeCook 7

Khaman Dhokla is a popular Gujarati snack relished by people all over India. It is a steamed cake made primarily with gram or besan (gram flour) and then doused with […]

Kabuli Chana Gravy

28th March 2020 HomeCook 9

The Kabuli Chana Gravy (Chickpea Gravy) is a no coconut gravy. Some of the chana itself is ground and used to thicken the gravy. The gravy is very less on […]

Chawli Sukkem

23rd March 2020 HomeCook 2

Chawli Sukkem is a dry preparation of Black Eyed Peas / Lobia. It is mildly spiced and served as an accompaniment with rice and curry. You can also serve it […]

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