12th April 2024


6th April 2020 HomeCook 0

Misal is a spicy broth made with different types of lentils or sprouted lentils. It is a popular dish in Western India. It is served topped with chopped onion and […]

Kanda Bhaji

6th April 2020 HomeCook 0

Kanda Bhaji or Onion Fritters are a popular Indian snack. Some restaurants serve it, though it is commonly available as street food. The Kanda Bhaji are deep fried in oil […]

Goan Macaroni Soup

6th April 2020 HomeCook 2

The Goan Macaroni Soup is a simple soup made in a broth of just onions, tomatoes and tiny chopped potatoes. The macaroni provides the bulk to the soup and hence […]