12th April 2024

Cucumber Carrot Raita

8th December 2019 HomeCook 0

Be it a biryani, a pulao, a masala bhat or a tawa rice, the Cucumber Carrot Raita it the best accompaniment.  It gives these dishes the element of acidity necessary […]

Boondi Raita

3rd March 2017 HomeCook 0

The Boondi Raita is a good accompaniment with all types of food. Always prepare it fresh so that the crunch of the boondi compliments the texture of the dish. You […]

Beef Biryani

9th August 2020 HomeCook 0

Delicious, tasty, appetizing, yummy, heavenly, mouthwatering, toothsome and may be divine are some of the adjectives I could think of at the spur of the moment to describe the Beef Biryani. […]

Bhuna Beef Kheema

10th May 2020 HomeCook 0

Delve into this Mughlai style Bhuna Beef Kheema with some chapatis (click here) or paratha (click here). You will love the aroma and the lightly spiced kheema (The green chillies […]

One Pot Vegetable Pulao

20th April 2020 HomeCook 0

This is a recipe for a One Pot Vegetable Pulao. It is an easy to make pulao where are the ingredients are added in the same pot and that includes […]

Easy Chicken Pulao

20th July 2019 HomeCook 0

The Easy Chicken Pulao, just like any pulao, is a one pot meal. We love our pulaos. They are less time consuming and delicious. Though a pulao needs no accompaniment, […]

Chick Pea Pulao

7th July 2019 HomeCook 4

If you love Chick Pea / Kabuli Chana in your gravies or snacks then I’m sure you’ll also like a Chole Pulao. The Chole Pulao will be a one pot […]

Vegetarian Index

22nd November 2018 HomeCook 0

(126 Recipes) Everyone including children should introduce lots of fruits and vegetables in their diet cause they are a rich source of soluble and insoluble fibre and are packed with […]

Green Prawn Pulao

28th February 2018 HomeCook 2

My daddy used to make a Green Prawn Pulao, wherein he used to add uncooked rice to all the ingredients and cook them together. It tasted good but turned out […]

Chicken Meatball Biryani

15th September 2017 HomeCook 0

Follow easy steps and make this yummy chicken meatball biryani. Although the recipe looks quite lengthy it is quite easy to make and worth the effort. The biryani is a […]

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