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13th November 2019

Corned Beef Potato Chops

Corned Beef Potato Chops are a version of potato chops that I have been eating as a child. My aunt Gracie used to make them often. I never knew any […]

Beef Masala Fried

The Beef Masala Fried needs a good amount of marination time. Once marinated in the refrigerator, all you need to do is seer and cook. Then you can leave them […]

Dahi Beef

Imagine a day when you set out to cook a Goan Green Beef (click here for the recipe) – And though I have a recipe here on BFT – I […]

Beef Sukka (without coconut)

As I have already said in one of the beef recipe posts, my boys love beef. And one day my little one said sarcastically,  ‘You only put coconut and some […]

Corned / Salted Beef Tongue

The Corned / Salted Beef Tongue is not what everyone would like to eat. It is for the urban carnivore who has a predilection towards it. The Corned / Salted […]

Raw Beef Mince Cutlet

Raw Beef Mince Cutlets are so called because the Beef Mince has not been cooked before making the cutlets as is normally done ( For the recipe of the cooked […]

Beef Aad Maas

Beef Aad Maas is a Goan preparation of beef on the bone. The ribs are the portion of choice for this preparation. The Beef Aad Maas is a spicy, sweet […]

Beef & Potato Curry

This is a simple to make Beef & Potato Curry that can be eaten with rice or with chapatis.  It is mildy flavoured and so good enough even for seniors […]

Onion Beef

Whenever we go back in time and remember a dish that our ancestors taught us, we wish they had also taught us their ‘correct’ name. Alas! Sometimes we remember a […]

Green Meat Ball Curry

The Green Meat Ball Curry is a variation of the Meat Ball Curry (see here) I had posted earlier. This one does not use coconut milk and as the name […]

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