21st April 2019

Doodhi Ros

Doodhi Ros is a light on the palette creamy coconut milk vegetable curry made with bottle gourd. The curry is very mildly spiced, unlike the red pumpkin curry and goes […]

Instant Goan Prawn Molho

If you want an easy and instant Goan prawn molho, then this recipe is for you. Made with ready to use spice powders, the molho is quick to make and […]

Bangde Sukhem

Bangde Sukhem / Bangda Sukka is a dry Goan preparation of mackerels in a coconut masala gravy. The main flavor of the dish is provided by the Teflam [Tefla] / […]

Lady Finger Solantulem

Lady Finger Solantulem is a dry preparation of lady fingers using kokam [Garcinia Indica]. What you get is a minimally spiced tangy vegetable preparation that can be eaten with Indian […]

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