21st April 2019

Lady Fish Jeerem Meerem

In this recipe for the Lady Fish Jeerem Meerem, I’ve used homemade jeerem meerem powder (using powdered spices) to make a peppery tangy curry. The curry compliments the bland taste […]

French Bean Stir Fry

This is a recipe for a quick and easy French Bean Stir Fry that will go very well with chapatis or as a side. Serves: 2 Persons Prep. Time: 15 […]

Coconut Bhakri (Bread)

Coconut Bhakri (Bread) is a Goan bread made with whole wheat flour and grated coconut. The coconut gives this Goan bread a nice texture and taste. It can be had […]

Goan Red Beef Roast

The Goan Red Beef Roast is another way to make the roast beef and as you make have guessed, it uses red masala. The beef cooked this way is great […]

Goan Ambot Tik

The Goan Ambot Tik Curry is a fish preparation which is spicy and tangy. This Ambot Tik is different from the version I had posted earlier. This one was shared […]

Goan Beef Jeerem Meerem

The Goan Beef Jeerem Meerem is made using the Jeerem Meerem Spice powder. The main spices in this spice powder are Cumin and Black Pepper. The curry with beef using […]

Goan Jeerem Meerem Powder

The Goan Jeerem Meerem Powder is a type of garam masala powder. It is very versatile and can be used with meats, eggs or vegetables. My method below is a […]

Pork Chilly Fry V. 1.

This pork chilly fry is one of two recipes of the same that I have on this blog. This one does not use any ready made sauces. Whether I make […]

Canned Tuna Chilly Fry

The canned tuna chilly fry is a dish to eat with chapatis or paos. Great to eat at dinner or supper, it is quick and simple to make – it […]

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