5th June 2023

Onion Beef

28th July 2018 HomeCook 2

Whenever we go back in time and remember a dish that our ancestors taught us, we wish they had also taught us their ‘correct’ name. Alas! Sometimes we remember a […]

Green Meat Ball Curry

14th January 2018 HomeCook 5

The Green Meat Ball Curry is a variation of the Meat Ball Curry (see here) I had posted earlier. This one does not use coconut milk and as the name […]

Goan Beef Pea Stew

21st November 2017 HomeCook 0

My boys are so fond of beef and they love pasta. So I have to keep coming up with ways to please their hungry tummies. The Goan Beef Pea Stew […]

Goan Red Beef Roast

20th October 2017 HomeCook 6

The Goan Red Beef Roast is another way to make the roast beef and as you make have guessed, it uses red masala. The beef cooked this way is great […]

Goan Beef Jeerem Meerem

19th October 2017 HomeCook 3

The Goan Beef Jeerem Meerem is made using the Jeerem Meerem Spice powder. The main spices in this spice powder are Cumin and Black Pepper. The curry with beef using […]

Beef Chilly

7th October 2017 HomeCook 3

Inspired by the Goan beef chilly fry and east Asian cooking, I set out to make a beef chilly. The main ingredients being ready to use sauces. The results at […]

Beef Xacuti

2nd October 2017 HomeCook 0

The Goan Xacuti is mostly prepared with mutton or chicken but making it with beef is also an option. The preparation of the beef xacuti requires numerous spices and is […]

Pepper Beef

15th August 2017 HomeCook 11

Follow simple steps and make a relishing pepper beef. The pepper beef can be served with hot rice or chapatis or pao. The beef will surely be wiped out when […]

Pork and Beef Stew

8th August 2017 HomeCook 8

When Goans prepare the pork and beef stew, all the ingredients are cooked separately and then combined in the end. The preparation looks and tastes dry. Dollops of butter are […]

Capsicum Stuffed with Beef Mince

9th July 2017 HomeCook 3

The Capsicum Stuffed with Beef Mince prepared with fresh mince tastes yummy. Capsicum stuffed with mince enhances the flavour of the mince as well as adds to the presentation. Simple […]

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