19th June 2024

Cashew Feni Punch

17th September 2016 HomeCook 1

Cashew Feni is local Goan liquor. It is made using traditional methods from the cashew apple and hence considered organic. It has a fruity flavor and smell but a sharp […]

King Fish Head & Tail Curry

17th September 2016 HomeCook 0

This is not a dish for everyone. It is for the fish aficionado. The flavor of the fish head is somewhat overpowering and eating it is to some extent requires […]

Black Pomfret Masala Fried

17th September 2016 HomeCook 0

Preparing the black pomfret masala fried fish will take up very little time of yours. Only ensure that the fish is fresh so that you enjoy this mildly spicy preparation. Serves: […]