1st October 2023

Tangy Beef Curry

27th September 2016 HomeCook 2

This is a simple but tangy preparation of beef that will leave your mouth watering and wanting more. The Tangy Beef Curry is best served with hot rice, but you can […]

Chicken Rolls

27th September 2016 HomeCook 1

I use home made mayonnaise to make my chicken rolls. The commercial ones available are generally too sweet. You can however choose to use a good mayonnaise from the market if […]

Honey Mustard Mayonnaise

27th September 2016 HomeCook 2

Follow a single step to flavour your mayonnaise. You can choose to make the mayonnaise yourself and then flavour it or use commercially available mayonnaise with or without egg and turn it […]

Fried Pork Chops

27th September 2016 HomeCook 3

My daddy was fond of pork – like most Goans are. This is one of his classic preparations which were a favourite of all in our household. As I have […]