18th June 2024

King Fish Cutlets

10th September 2016 HomeCook 3

If your children are fussy about eating fish, this is one way to bring fish into their diet. My children eat the king fish cutlet thinking they are made of […]

Seer Fish Molho

10th September 2016 HomeCook 0

Molho is basically a sauce. Goans prepare fish molho with deep fried fish and the sauce. It is intended to be stored for long periods like a pickle without refrigeration […]

Honey Glazed Walnut

10th September 2016 HomeCook 4

The honey glazed walnut can be used with salads. You can also munch them as a snack. Prep. Time: 5 Mins….. Cooking Time: 10 Mins….. Ingredients: Walnuts – 1 cup […]

Moongachi Gatti

10th September 2016 HomeCook 0

This is a preparation made by Goan Hindus during their auspicious occasions. As a child, I used to wait for Ganesh Chaturthi, so that I could relish the moongachi gatti with […]

Goan Cabbage Foogath

10th September 2016 HomeCook 0

The Goan Cabbage Foogat is a common preparation of Goa. Most households make this dish with their own variations. People like to add turmeric to this dish. I like to see the […]

Butterflied Prawns

10th September 2016 HomeCook 0

Butterflied Prawns can be made by slitting them along the back. We do this so that they cook evenly, the sauces that we infuse cover them well and the prawns […]

Vegetable Pulao

10th September 2016 HomeCook 4

The vegetable pulao is considered as an alternative to serving plain rice at most parties, be it a kitty party or a wedding. It goes well with any other dish, […]

Butter Garlic Prawns

10th September 2016 HomeCook 4

A great starter to serve over drinks, the marriage of prawns and garlic is timeless. You will need to keep it coming as it is going to go quick off […]

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