1st October 2023

Tea Time Sheera

5th May 2019 HomeCook 4

This Tea Time Sheera / Shira is a mildy sweet preparation of semolina made without any use of milk. It however gets its flavour from the use of pure ghee. […]

Egg Masala Curry

5th May 2019 HomeCook 2

The Egg Masala Curry is a poached egg curry. It is distinct from the Goan Egg Drop Curry (click here)  or the Egg Xacuti Curry (click here) because it uses […]

Soji / Vonn

5th May 2019 HomeCook 2

Soji / Vonn is a Goan sweet which is kind of like a gruel or porridge. It is made with split chickpeas, rice flour, palm jaggery and coconut milk. It […]