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25th August 2019

Dessicated Coconut Mango Cake Muffins

The Dessicated Coconut Mango Cake Muffins are made with dessicated coconut, semolina and mango puree. This recipe derives from the Dessicated Coconut Cake (click here) with some modifications. I have […]

Fresh Coconut Cashew Cookies

The Fresh Coconut Cashew Cookies are inspired by the Rava Cashewnut Doce (see here). I felt the ingredients with slight adjustments could also be good enough to bake. The resultant […]

Non-alcoholic Plum Cake

The Non-alcoholic Plum Cake is that dark coloured fruit cake that you may have often bought from your bakers. It is a cake loaded with fruits (mostly black raisins) and […]

Goan Batica/Batk/Bathk – V.1.

The Goan Batk / Batica / Bathk – V.1. is a coconut-semolina cake. It is a popular make for any celebratory or festive occasion in Goan.  V.1. stands for Version […]

Eggless Tutti Fruti Cake

The Eggless Tutti Fruti Cake is everyone’s favourite. The cake is made with Tutti Fruti or Tooti Frooti. This as you may know, is candied raw papaya and is used […]

Tutti Fruti Cake

The child living inside each one of us just cannot resist the Tutti Fruti Cake. Almost everyone’s favourite, the cake is made with Tutti Fruti or Tooti Frooti. This as […]

Traditional Christmas Cake

The Traditional Christmas Cake is a heady fruit cake. You need to decide that you are making it well in advance (or not – see notes at the end). This […]

Goan Cashew Apple Cake

And you thought Goans only make cashew feni with the cashew fruit? Nope, we also do a Goan Cashew Apple Cake. Albeit this one is almost forgotten. When I was […]

Quick Bolinhas

Bolinha is a coconut-semolina cookie that is enjoyed as a tea time snack in Goa. These are also prepared during Christmas to be a part of the kuswad (sweet platter) […]


Nankhatai is an easy to make shortbread biscuit. The ingredients for the nankhatai need to be kneaded and not whisked. How your nankhatai turn out, depends on how well you […]

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