23rd January 2018

Fruit Cake Chocolate Pops

When you’ve had enough of your Christmas Cake (Rich Rum Cake) and there’s some still sitting somewhere in your refrigerator (or you bake a fresh one [ this one ] or […]

Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge

Another easy to make sweet for Christmas (or any other time to quench your sweet cravings), the Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge is made with just two ingredients, milk chocolate and […]

Quick Marzipan

The marzipan is a flavoured cashew nut sweet prepared by Christians for Christmas or Easter. Quick Marzipan is so named because there’s absolutely no cooking involved.  It is similar in […]

Walnut Drops

We just love walnut drops. So these are certainly a sweet that we must prepare for Christmas. We use drinking chocolate too in our walnut drops and recommend you not […]

White Chocolate Fudge

The White Chocolate Fudge is so easy that you’ll be making it quite often. The salted butter and some sea salt added to the fudge gives it a twist.  Just […]

Cashewnut Doce

The Cashewnut Doce (Goan sweet) is an easy to make doce. It is a soft doce that tastes slightly like marzipan obviously because of the use of cashewnuts. It also […]

Angel Wings

Angel wings are a sweet-savoury fried pastry prepared usually during Christmas. But these are so easy to make and yum, that you can also make them otherwise to serve as […]


Jujubes are a jelly sweet made with gelatin and liquid glucose. Both these ingredients are quintessential to make a perfect non-sticky jujube. The other ingredients are also important to the […]

Rum and Raisin Chocolate

Who can resist the flavour of dark chocolate paired with rum and raisins? They taste just divine, delightful to serve at the end of dinner, maybe with some expresso. You […]

Rose Cookies

Another one for your Christmas platter! This recipe for the rose cookies was shared to me a couple of years back by my good childhood friend Avril Baretto. It took […]

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