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10th April 2020

Methi Carrot Stir Fry

31st January 2017 HomeCook 0

I wonder if anyone ever thought of this combination! But my mom has the strangest compulsion to rescue vegetables that have to be discarded. This Methi Carrot Stir Fry is […]

Beetroot Stir Fry

31st January 2017 HomeCook 1

This is a simple beetroot stir fry which can be enjoyed as a side dish with rice or by itself with chappatis. Serves: 2 Persons Prep. Time: 10 Mins. Cooking […]

Pork Chilly Fry V. 2.

25th January 2017 HomeCook 6

The recipe for Pork Chilly Fry V. 2. is a slight variation from the Goan preparation. It turns out yum and I do not even need to invite my three kids […]

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