22nd April 2019

Dessicated Coconut Cake

Long years ago, when I was in school – a teenager, I had the habit of collecting recipes from tabloids or magazines. Information was not as easily available as in […]

Mutton Koftas in a Tomato Gravy

Mutton Koftas are lamb mince meat balls. Before you make these mutton koftas decide what you want to serve it with. If serving with rice, follow the recipe as it […]

Goan Sole Fish Curry

Sole Fish or leppos as they are known in Goa, is a popular fish with Goan locals. Mostly used in curries and sometimes fried, the sole fish flesh is mild […]

Goan Galmbo (Baby Prawn) Cutlet

Galmbo, as it is called in Goa, are very very tiny prawns – baby prawns. They are called jawla in Maharashtra. These prawns are also salted and dried. In this […]

Mangalorean Halwa Curry

The Mangalorean halwa curry is a rich and delicious curry. Make sure you get fresh fish as this will enhance the flavour of your curry. The curry is best served […]

Goan Pork-Beef Meat Loaf

Prep. Time: 10 Mins. (active) + 30 Mins. (passive) Cooking Time: 10 Mins. (active) + 60 Mins. (passive) This is a very easy to prepare goan pork-beef meat loaf which […]

Methi Potato Bhaji

This preparation is for people who do not like the taste of methi. The potatoes take away the bitter taste of methi and help balance the taste of the methi. […]

Prawn Vindaloo

The prawn vindaloo is a mildly spiced curry which is easy and quick to make. It is a variant of the original Goan Vindaloo made to cater to people who […]

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