2nd October 2023

Tamdi Patol Bhaji

28th February 2018 HomeCook 0

Leafy vegetables are mostly cooked dry or as a semi gravy. I decided to make Red Amaranth with coconut milk and I’ve named the creation Tamdi Patol Bhaji. It is […]

Green Prawn Pulao

28th February 2018 HomeCook 2

My daddy used to make a Green Prawn Pulao, wherein he used to add uncooked rice to all the ingredients and cook them together. It tasted good but turned out […]

Vegetable Croquette

28th February 2018 HomeCook 7

Vegetable Croquettes are a very good snack, starter or a tiffin filler for kids. The vegetable croquette I make is so yummy that even my children who always make a […]