27th February 2024

Allebelle / Mannkio

7th February 2018 HomeCook 2

Allebelle / Mannkio are Goan pancakes prepared with maida (APF) and stuffed with a coconut filling. They are a popular evening snack in Goa and are also made for special […]

Coconut Palm Jaggery Filling

7th February 2018 HomeCook 0

Palm Jaggery or madha god (as known in Goa) gives the Coconut Palm Jaggery Filling or chunn (Konkani) its distinct flavor. This filling is used to stuff pancakes as also […]

Coconut Cashewnut Filling

7th February 2018 HomeCook 4

Coconut Cashewnut Filling or chunn as we call it in Goa, is one of the many types of fillings that are used to stuff pancakes. The filling can also be […]