21st April 2019

Allebelle / Mannkio

Allebelle / Mannkio are Goan pancakes prepared with maida (APF) and stuffed with a coconut filling. They are a popular evening snack in Goa and are also made for special […]

Coconut Sugarcane Jaggery Filling

Coconut Sugarcane Jaggery Filling is called chunn in Goa and can be used to stuff a variety of Goan sweets like patoleos, holles, sweet sannas, etc. and also pancakes. It […]

Coconut Palm Jaggery Filling

Palm Jaggery or madha god (as known in Goa) gives the Coconut Palm Jaggery Filling or chunn (Konkani) its distinct flavor. This filling is used to stuff pancakes as also […]

Coconut Cashewnut Filling

Coconut Cashewnut Filling or chunn as we call it in Goa, is one of the many types of fillings that are used to stuff pancakes. The filling can also be […]

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