16th June 2024

Pork Vindaloo (Mild Version)

30th August 2021 HomeCook 2

Pork Vindalho (Mild Version) is less sour and spicy than the traditional Pork Vindalho (see here). When you go through the list of ingredients and the recipe below you will […]

Pork Chilly Garlic

9th August 2020 HomeCook 0

Pork Chilly Garlic is a dish that will make you squeal with joy! No pun intended! But that’s a dish you’ll get without putting in much effort. The dish will […]

Pork and Beef Assado

28th June 2020 HomeCook 0

The Pork and Beef Assado is a pot cooked roast. The flavours of the pork and the beef intermingle and make a luscious roast that can be served as an […]

Chicken & Bacon Pasta Bake

5th May 2020 HomeCook 0

For the Chicken & Bacon Pasta Bake, we cook the chicken, bacon and pasta. Then we prepare a creamy sauce. We then bring all the elements together, top with mozzarella […]

Baked Pork Rib Rack

18th April 2020 HomeCook 2

The recipe for the Baked Pork Rib Rack is so simple that I’m sure it will be on your party menu often. It is ideal as a centerpiece of your […]

Red Pork Curry

12th December 2019 HomeCook 0

The Red Pork Curry is derived from the Goan Pork Vindaloo (click here). We make this recipe when we want to consume it immediately. In fact, this one tastes best […]

Caramelized Pork Chops

4th June 2019 HomeCook 2

This is a recipe for Caramelized Pork Chops that are so easy to make. They taste so yum and can be served as a starter with sautéed vegetables or a […]

Crumb Fried Pork

23rd November 2018 HomeCook 1

I have this diary that I’ve kept ever since I was a teenager. It contains notes and scribblings or recipes or cooking tips that I’ve come across all these years. […]

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