22nd January 2018

Goan Chorizo Pulao

The Goan Chorizo Pulao made with the Goan Choris –  What would describe it? The standalone pulao, the spicy pork pulao, the Goan Catholic Biryani, the favourite pulao of all […]

Assado de Leitao

We made this Assado de Leitao with a whole hind leg of a pigling. Although it was not a suckling, the meat was tender and lean. We pot roasted it […]

Pork Meat Liver Masala

We’ve called this a Pork Meat Liver Masala, though we feel it is very similar in taste to a Goan sorpotel. The method of preparation and ratio of ingredients here […]

Goan Chorizo Masala Curry

When I’m short on time or don’t have any fresh produce, but still want to eat our rice and curry, I look to my stash of Goan Chorizo. I make […]

Pork Chilly Fry V. 1.

This pork chilly fry is one of two recipes of the same that I have on this blog. This one does not use any ready made sauces. Whether I make […]

Pork and Beef Stew

When Goans prepare the pork and beef stew, all the ingredients are cooked separately and then combined in the end. The preparation looks and tastes dry. Dollops of butter are […]

Pork Curry

The pork curry is quick and easy to make and must be served with hot steaming rice. The recipe uses coconut and whole spices. Thus the curry turns out mild […]

Pork Solantulem

Pork Solantulem is a classic Goan preparation of pork. Pork is cooked with onion, a few red dried chillies and Binda Solam [kokam / Garcinia Indica]. The pork is cooked […]

Pork Chilly Fry V. 2.

The recipe for Pork Chilly Fry V. 2. is a slight variation from the Goan preparation. It turns out yum and I do not even need to invite my three kids […]

Goan Pork-Beef Meat Loaf

Prep. Time: 10 Mins. (active) + 30 Mins. (passive) Cooking Time: 10 Mins. (active) + 60 Mins. (passive) This is a very easy to prepare goan pork-beef meat loaf which […]

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