29th September 2023

Mughlai Chicken Meatballs

1st October 2017 HomeCook 2

Chicken koftas in a creamy delectable gravy would describe the Mughlai Chicken Meatballs aptly. Will go well with rotis, naans or any Indian bread. But will taste equally good even […]

Chicken Stew

15th September 2017 HomeCook 5

On one of our vacations to Kerala I had an occasion to eat a Kerala Chicken Stew. This recipe of mine is inspired by that dish. The Chicken stew is […]

Chicken Meatball Biryani

15th September 2017 HomeCook 0

Follow easy steps and make this yummy chicken meatball biryani. Although the recipe looks quite lengthy it is quite easy to make and worth the effort. The biryani is a […]

Yummy Fried Chicken

15th September 2017 HomeCook 0

The yummy fried chicken is for when you want to indulge. It is full of fat and calories. Through caution to the wind and binge – after all you only […]

Goan Green Chicken

23rd June 2017 HomeCook 6

The Goan Green Chicken is a chicken curry which uses green corriander as its main flavouring agent. Usually cooked with beef in Goa, the chicken variant is good for those […]

Rosemary Chicken Roast

28th May 2017 HomeCook 6

The Rosemary Roast Chicken uses just a few ingredients, but what you end up with is a lip-smacking, juicy and succulent chicken. Accompanied by a sauce made out of its […]

Chicken Pate Sandwich

26th March 2017 HomeCook 0

This is a serving suggestion for a quick chicken pate sandwich for your kids. You can use these as tiffin fillers or as a snack. You can also serve it […]

Salted Biscuit Chicken Canapes

26th March 2017 HomeCook 0

This is a suggestion for salted biscuit chicken canapes which you can serve as an appetiser for the next ladin /  Baptism /  Communion or similar party that you wish to host […]

Chicken Spread

26th March 2017 HomeCook 5

Chicken spread is easy to make and uses a very few ingredients. It can be used to make sandwiches and snacks specially for children. You can use it to make […]

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