10th December 2023

Prawn Steaks

16th October 2016 HomeCook 3

This is another preparation that I learnt from my daddy. It uses very few ingredients and thus the flavour of the prawns is the winner. As soon as you get your […]

Palak Coconut Bhaji

16th October 2016 HomeCook 0

Remember Popeye and Spinach? All fans of Popeye know that whenever the sailor needed a boost of energy, he would down a can of spinach. Yes, spinach is a super food loaded […]

Goan Breadfruit Rava Fried

16th October 2016 HomeCook 0

Goans love the breadfruit and when the breadfruit is in season, we’ll use it in curries or simply fry it coated with semolina. Follow the simple steps listed below and […]

Cold Meat Stuffed Chicken

16th October 2016 HomeCook 0

The Cold Meat Stuffed Chicken is perfect to serve on special occasions. It provides ornamental value to your buffet table and it tastes just yum. If you have leftovers (I bet […]

Paneer Ki Mithai

16th October 2016 HomeCook 0

The paneer (cottage cheese) is used extensively in Indian cuisine. It is used for starters, main course, sweet meals and various varied preparations which make it a versatile ingredient in […]