2nd December 2022

Salad Stuffed Mackerels

26th November 2016 HomeCook 1

My friend Giselda Menezes, from Panjim, Goa shared her mother’s recipe of these Salad Stuffed Mackerels. They’re very unlike the recheado mackerels and can also easily pass off as a […]

Okra Kali Miri Stir Fry

26th November 2016 HomeCook 3

We first ate the okra kali miri stir fry (Ladyfinger Stir Fry) at a restaurant in Kanyakumari and I must say that black pepper compliments the okra just perfectly. As […]

Bread Pudding

25th November 2016 HomeCook 14

Breakfast .. Tea Time .. Anytime .. Use leftover pao to make this wonderful pudding. Served warm, children and adults alike will love the caramel bread pudding. (For more Pudding […]

Custard Caramel

25th November 2016 HomeCook 2

Birthday party, anniversary, kitty party, wedding, any party, no party, need custard, make custard, eat custard. Custard Caramel Pudding needs no introduction or occasion to enjoy. Try it now. (For […]

Goan Pork Chop Roast

23rd November 2016 HomeCook 6

The tender and juicy meat, falling off the bone, will have you salivating in no time. The Goan pork chop roast can be eaten with rice or with bread. However […]

Cabbage Channa Dal Bhaji

23rd November 2016 HomeCook 0

A quick to make cabbage recipe, the cabbage channa dal bhaji should be served hot with hot chappatis or as a side dish with rice. The channa dal adds a […]

Pepper Rawa Fried Prawns

23rd November 2016 HomeCook 0

The Pepper Rawa Fried Prawns get their flavour from the pepper and prawns and the crunch from the deep fried coating of semolina. These are an all-time favourite of people of […]

Goan Dudhi Bhaji

23rd November 2016 HomeCook 0

A simple way to cook the bottle gourd, this vegetable can be eaten with chappatis or served as a side dish with rice. The Goan dudhi bhaji is a vegetable […]

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